Ambetter by Magnolia Health is an Individual Health plan offered by the Healthcare Marketplace. It is an ACA program, which means based on your household size and income, you may qualify for subsidies paid by the government. This means the government will help pay for some or all of your premiums as well as deductible and copays. The premiums with Ambetter can be as low as $0 a month with $1 copays for doctor visits and prescriptions. Click here for more information.

UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of options for short term health care. A short term plan is different from an individual plan, in that you choose how long you need it or how often you want to renew it...1 month, 3 months, 6 months, up to a year. It also doesn't offer typical copays for doctor visits or prescriptions. Instead, you pay a deductible and then a co-insurance that you choose. It's a good plan for those who don't see the doctor often. Click here for more detail on options available.

Short Term Medical: Temporary health care coverage for you and your family. Click here for more details on options available.

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